Short seminars

One and two day workshops

Coming home to your sacred heart

Discovering your true nature

These discovery groups are devoted to your personal awakening.


Journey into the world of your sacred heart and access your innate capacity for contact, connection and communion.


Aligned with your natural affinity for all things good, relax into real connection with your heart, your soul, and the world that surrounds you.


You will explore the power and grace of authentic connection and learn to apply it in your life as an invaluable skill for deepening intimacy, tenderness and love with all things.


Some of my favourite themes for the discovery groups include:

  • The Joy of Connection
  • Tantric Breathwork
  • Trusting your Intuition
  • Healing Touch
  • Kundalini Rising


The daily program may include:

  • Awakening joy
  • Self-enquiry
  • Conscious breathing
  • Intuition development
  • Mindfulness training
  • Transmission teachings
  • Tantric exercises
  • Neo-shamanic journeying
  • Movement medicine
  • Healing touch
  • Group dynamic constellations


Events can be bilingual English/French as required.


Since the Covid pandemic all of my live group events have been put on hold. If you are interested in participating in one of my group events, please contact me and let me know which of the themes are of particular interest to you. In the meantime, all of these themes can be treated through the format of one-to-one sessions with equally impressive results.

Upcoming Short seminars
Dates to be announced

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Workshop Facilitator

Judee Gee

Judee has been immersed in the field of transpersonal development for over 40 years. She lives in the south of France and offers individual sessions, discovery groups, residential retreats and personalised mentoring programmes.

The Divine Feminine (Isis, Kwan Yin, Mary, Yeshe Shedra, Abraham…) has been informing, encouraging and inspiring her ever since she first opened to her own intuition.

Author of  “Intuition, awakening your inner guide”, (Samuel Weiser, 1999)

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“Judee’s presence opened a space in which I could remember my self, my calling, my truth, my essence... with love, deep compassion and fullness. It was a coming home to my centre, from which I can now launch myself out into the unknown with joy and delicious excitement.”

Other propositions

Coaching & Mentoring

Sessions from 1 to 3 hours

Gain insights and transform your life in one-to-one sessions


Advanced training

Learn the art of wisdom transmission within your vocational sphere

Share the grace of your true nature


Residential retreats

Relax into your true nature

Dive into your heart and discover life from a place of surrender