Advanced training

Learn the art of wisdom transmission within your vocational sphere

Share the grace of your true nature

Refine your transmission skills

The revelation of our true nature is a life-changing event, and though we may have cultivated the best conditions in the hope of it happening – and then revelled in the grace of it – the after-effects can be complex when it comes to the integration phase and getting on with our lives.


What do we do with our time when ambition has disappeared?

When aspiration has been dissolved?

When the structures that defined our everyday identity have been stripped away?

How do we actually manage this “updated” version of ourselves?

How can we weave the harvest of this revelation into the fabric of our lives in such a way that our good fortune can also be advantageous to others?


Advanced training offers a playground for exploring and clarifying the best possible expression of your “new” self, in such a way that you remain authentic, accessible and accountable, no matter what!


This training also offers an exploratory container for refining your transmission skills of knowingness, truth, love and wisdom.


Whatever your field of endeavour (artistic, therapeutic, medical, managerial, teaching…), the advanced training programme will help you to consolidate your sense of place and purpose in your chosen world, and interact within that sphere with greater ease, grace, clarity and wisdom.


Themes we may explore include:

  • Integrating awakening experiences
  • Cultivating humbleness
  • Managing kundalini uprisings
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Direct perception
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Serving the highest good


Teaching can be bilingual English/French as required.


Since the Covid pandemic all of my live group events have been put on hold. If you are interested in receiving advanced training, please contact me and let me know which of the themes are of particular interest to you. In the meantime, all of these themes can be treated through the format of one-to-one sessions with equally impressive results.





Upcoming Advanced training
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Advanced Training

Judee Gee

Judee has been immersed in the field of transpersonal development for over 40 years. She lives in the south of France and offers individual sessions, discovery groups, residential retreats and personalised mentoring programmes.

The Divine Feminine (Isis, Kwan Yin, Mary, Yeshe Shedra, Abraham…) has been informing, encouraging and inspiring her since she first opened to her own inner guidance.

Author of « Intuition, awakening your inner guide », (Samuel Weiser, 1999)

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"With Judee's skilful guidance I was able to finish integrating my powerful (and empowering!) kundalini awakening, and better harness the deepened perception and expanded awareness that resulted from the experience. Her experience with life-force energies and their impact on daily life was invaluable in helping me to understand and more deeply welcome kundalini within my own life".

Sam T.
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