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Judee Gee

With over 40 years experience in program development, group dynamics and workshop orchestration, I cherish the intuitive artistry required in running groups and assisting others in discovering their true potential.


Following studies of Natural Medicine in Australia (1977-79), Judee trained in a diverse range of body based, metaphysical and transpersonal approaches in the San Francisco Bay Area (1980-81). She began teaching professional level trainings in Breathwork in 1982. Since 1988 she has been based in France where she currently directs the Dakina Joy School and coordinates Welcome activities at the Hridaya Yoga Centre.

Essential sources of guidance and spiritual inspiration along the way include Osho (Crazy Wisdom Tantra), Ramesh Balsekar (Advaita Vedanta), the Mahamudra Pointing Out Way (Tibetan Buddhism) and Sahajananda (Hridaya Yoga of the Spiritual Heart).

Diploma of Breathwork (BRI, Australia, RPL, 2016). Author of Le pouvoir de l’intuition, Editions Recto-Verseau (1989), Comment développer votre intuition, Editions Dangles (1995) and Intuition: Awakening your inner guide, Samuel Weiser Inc. (1999). President of the International Breathwork Foundation (1998–2001), IBF Integrity Committee member (2004–2006) and Global Breathwork Training Alliance (GBTA) co-founder and board member (2001-present). Judee is also an active member of the IBF-UN committee (2016-present).

With her wealth of experience in tantric breathwork, life-long immersion in the contemplative practice of self-enquiry, and abiding devotion to clarity and wisdom, Judee is currently deepening her engagement with non-dual awareness through teachings focused on surrender to the spiritual heart.

Claire Savenca

Currently based as a therapist in Montpellier (South of France), multilingual, I love communicating, coordinating and assisting my long time friend Judee during the retreats.

Faithful disciple of intuitive wisdom, tantrika, kamikaze, passionate, I am dedicating my spiritual practice to mastering the art of happiness and embodying the crazy wisdom.

I’m a life coach and quantic energy healing practitioner.


Spoken languages: French, English, Italian

  • Nursing School and home nurse practice for 15 years
  • 1991–1992: Massage training (2 years) France
  • Certification from ‘l’Ecole du Toucher’ (Jean-Louis Abrassart)
  • 1992–1995: Intuition development training (4 years) France
  • ‘Intuition Development and Spiritual Healing’ diploma from ‘l’Ecole de l’Intuition’ (​Judee Gee)
  • 1996–1997: Rebirther training (2 years) France
  • Rebirther diploma from the school ‘A Coeur Ouvert’ (Judee Gee – Alain Roux)
  • 1999–2000: Voice and Sound healing training (1 year) Hawaii
  • ‘Voice and Sound Healing’ certificate (Karina Schelde)
  • Intuitive Healing practice in individual sessions for over 20 years
  • Creation and development of ‘Intuitive Feng Shui’ in 2009 – Italy
  • Creation and distribution of the quantic technology « Golder » from 2009 to 2012
  • 2015: TNC training (Neuro Cutaneous Technic) (Stéphane Delalande) France
  • 2015-2016 : Assistant in l’Ecole du Masculin Féminin (Bruno Giuliani – Judee Gee) France
  • 2017: Quantic energy work practitioner (Osens technology practitioner training)
  • Personal assistant of Judee Gee, coordinator of Dakina Association
  • 2019: Laughter Yoga training (Institut Français Yoga du Rire et Santé)