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Intuition: Awakening Your Inner Guide

Intuition is guidance from your inner being. It is a manifestation of divine consciousness. Innate to each of us, intuition is an often ignored gift because we are taught to have more respect for thoughts presented to us from the outside world than for the voice within ourselves.

This book helps you to awaken, channel, and express your intuitive self. Through guided meditations, simple rituals, awareness exercises, and the principles of inner alchemy, you can rediscover and realign with your inner voice. Turn the mystery of intuition into a tangible catalyst for personal transformation! Essential to emotional and physical health, to creative self-expression, and to understanding others, it can help you recognize and realize your spiritual potential.

Learn how to use intuition as a guide through doubts, fears, and adversities. Perceptive and practical, this book delivers a heart-felt invitation to the liberation of your intuitive inner being.

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Partner Rejection, Divine Lover and Inner Child

An interview with Jim Morningstar

Discover the tantric approach to intimate relationship dynamics during this insightful and educational dialogue between Judee Gee and Jim Morningstar, long time colleagues and within the international Breathwork community.

Intuition, our true self

Judee Gee speaks about developing intuition and opening to our true nature.

Joy Laboratory

Judee Gee speaks about stages of the healing journey and the place of joy as good medicine for the heart.

Conscious Breathing and Healing Trauma

Judee Gee speaks about using conscious breathing as a healing tool for one’s inner spiritual journey and also for effective trauma recovery.
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Seashore waves: guided meditation with Judee Gee

Center yourself with the sound of seashore waves in order to reconnect with your true nature and your inner joy (18 min). To receive this guided meditation and be informed about upcoming events, books and videos, subscribe to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at anytime.
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