Residential retreat

Realize - Up to 7 days

Dive deep into your centre and discover the joy of surrender.

Realize your true nature

These modules are devoted to your personal awakening journey.

You will be guided in the delicate art of transforming thoughts and emotions so they come into alignment with your real nature. You will learn how to intuitively distil insight from your life experiences so that unfolding daily events become an invaluable opportunity for deepening awareness, understanding and wisdom. Every insight is a source of liberation, empowering you to reclaim ownership of your innately creative, loving and joyous nature.

The daily program is decided by a synthesis of intuitive inspiration, collective preference and the prevailing dynamic with all it’s potential for spontaneous and life-enriching creativity.

A typical day may also include:

• Awakening joy
• Conscious breathing
• Intuition development
• Mindfulness training
• Transmission teachings
• Tantric exercises
• Neo-shamanic journeying
• Movement medicine
• Healing touch
• Group dynamic constellations…

All the events can be bilingual English and French as needed.

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Retreat Leader

Judee Gee

Judee has been immersed in the field of transpersonal development for 40 years. She is based in the South of France where she runs the Dakina Joy School and follows her passion for advocating joy as the ideal catalyst for the emergence of our divine nature.

The Divine Feminine (Isis, Kwan Yin, Mary, Yeshe Shedra, Abraham…) has been informing, encouraging and inspiring her ever since she opened to her own intuition.

Author of « Intuition, awakening your inner guide », (Samuel Weiser, 1999)

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Retreat organizer and co-animation

Claire Savenca

Citizen of the world, multilingual, I love communicating, coordinating our activities and assisting my long time friend Judee during the retreats.

Authentic and bubbly, a lover of truth, I am a free spirit happily walking this Earth.

Faithful disciple of intuitive wisdom, tantrika, kamikaze… I am passionate, with a flowing water energy always in movement. I love my quirkiness and I go wherever my joy guides me.

​I am currently a life coach, Intuitive Feng Shui consultant and quantic energy healing practitioner.

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“Judee is an amazing teacher; practical experiential training that is innovative, inspiring, pioneering and transformative. I would highly recommend her training to all well-being practitioners.”

Natali J.
Other propositions

Individual coaching

Progress - Sessions Between 1 to 3 hours

Clarify current life issues, gain insights and transform your life in one-to-one sessions.


Short initiation

Connect - Up to 3 days

Reconnect with your inner self.


Professional level training

Transmit - Custom duration

Share the authenticity of your true nature in your professional activities.