Coaching & Mentoring

Sessions from 1 to 3 hours

Gain insights and transform your life in one-to-one sessions

Actualise your passions and projects

One-to-one sessions help you to:

  • Clarify current life preoccupations
  • Address troublesome symptoms
  • Resolve obstacles to wellbeing
  • Gain insights and understanding
  • Deepen access to life-force energy (kundalini)
  • Actualise your passions and projects

You will be coached in the modification of limiting behavioural patterns in order to come into alignment with your true nature.


You will explore the tantric art of making friends with all things, including those you would rather avoid, reject or erase.


You will learn intuitive perception so that unfolding life events become an opportunity for gaining awareness, insight and wisdom.


You will be empowered to reclaim ownership of your innately creative, loving and joyous nature.


A range of methods can be applied and may include:

  • Breathwork
  • Intuition training
  • Guided meditation
  • Self-enquiry
  • Tantra based awareness
  • Neo-shamanic journeying
  • Healing touch

Sessions are offered in both English and French.


Individualised session plan

Sessions can be booked for varying lengths of time and are held in person or online

One-to-one sessions

With Judee Gee

Sessions can be booked for any length of time from one to three hours.
Or you may prefer the Intensive format, scheduling morning and/or afternoon sessions over a few days period. This format is perfect if you are longing for a deep dive into your inner world.



By Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet, and in person at l’Isle sur la Sorgue (84800), France or Melbourne (3073), Australia.


1h 100 €

1h30 150 €

2h 180 €

2h30 210 €

3h 240 €


“I have come away with brilliant nuts and bolts for my counselling practice. Judee is deeply skilled, fun, immensely intelligent and able to share her knowledge in a very practical way. I feel changed and I am grateful.”

Toni G.
Other propositions

Short seminars

One and two day workshops

Coming home to your sacred heart


Residential retreats

Relax into your true nature

Dive into your heart and discover life from a place of surrender


Advanced training

Learn the art of wisdom transmission within your vocational sphere

Share the grace of your true nature