Intuition and the call to communion

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Intuition opens the door to the truth, to the vast mysteries of existence, and to the equally vast mysteries of the human being.

Intuition: awakening your inner guide, by Judee Gee

Intuition, our capacity for perceiving truth and receiving immediate insight (1), is an innate ability serving us well as we navigate our way through the myriad challenges of everyday life. It helps us to discern what is really going on, what is really being meant and what is really essential in the moment-to-moment unfolding of events and interactions as we experience them.

Because intuition is quick and operates on an almost subliminal level of consciousness, we must pay attention in order to register the impressions we are receiving. Too often, the insistent chatter of the rational mind – combined with the compelling pull of personal desires – contaminates our field of

conscious perception and results in a misguided interpretation of events. The conclusions we draw and our resultant actions may help us to get what we think we want. But without the discerning capacity for clear perception, understanding and insight that our intuition gives us, we will rarely create outcomes that truly serve us.

As the guiding voice of our soul, intuition has one primary goal; that we connect with our essence and live our lives in accordance with the wisdom of that essence. To that end, intuition will not only point to the true nature of things and their significance in our lives. It will also show us the intrinsic connection between our selves and the complex, multi-dimensional world we are constantly interacting with.

Intuitive perception helps us to understand the many facets of our personality at play in the world, as well as the way they are contributing to the multitude of outcomes we create. From the fear and desire driven strategies of the defensive ego-self, to the spontaneous and creative expression of the authentic self, and the wise, transcendent higher self (2), our intuition assists us to recognise, acknowledge and better understand who we are and what motivates us to move forward through life.

With the insights we gather, we gain freedom from the unconscious, compulsive behaviours responsible for a large part of our suffering. And as we grow, so does our perception of the world surrounding us. Our deepening vision shows us that the same struggle for liberation we have been grappling with ourselves, is clearly mirrored in our entourage. The symptoms of fear, mistrust and isolation are abundant. Many people are stuck in fear and their default position is one of defence, and then resistance. We need courage to let down our guard; to embrace our world and allow it to reach us. Open-heartedness is a choice, the choice par excellence for the path towards wholeness.

For intuition to truly function, we must be willing to become vulnerable and let the truth of ourselves be seen and felt by the people around us. We must place our trust in the wisdom of our hearts and in the goodness of the world, and then systematically modify any unconscious beliefs that would have us think otherwise.

When we commit to the path of developing our intuition, our inner senses open and we become capable of feeling, hearing and seeing on a more subtle level. We discover a world that is more than willing to open its mysteries to us. Learning to observe, to receive, to listen and to hear, our relationships become more truly inter-active and reveal their potential as a real source of nourishment for the heart and soul.

As our illusional sense of isolation diminishes and we relate with the sensorial understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, our awareness takes the quantum leap from me consciousness to we awareness, and our actions become oriented towards results that lead to collective well-being. With integrity as a first priority, we are better equipped to respond truthfully, wisely and justly to the demands of the moment. Rightful response has a signature effect. It creates clarity, calm, and a tangible sense of security. When we honour our intuition we create a safer world, both for ourselves and for others. In doing so we become valued members of the collective we belong to, and from there – secure in the sense of our place and value – our horizons expand.

Existence trusts us with more and more of its mysteries and we learn to accept paradox, contradiction and opposition. No longer stymied by paradox, we will rather marvel at it. As our vision opens, it also deepens. We see how the world is a place of polarities, and every aspect must have it’s place and also it’s expression. As a willing participant in this expression of all that is, we realise that existence holds also the blueprint for wholeness and integrity. We are part of a healing journey, a return to wholeness. And for all its drama and occasional despair, it is still a journey beyond price.

As we accept and honour all that is, as we journey towards the centre of ourselves, our inner world blossoms and we encounter vast and luminous spaces of simply being. In these spaces there is silence and peace, love and communion. Our intuition brings us home to the essence of ourselves, to our true state of being. In this state, there is wholeness, oneness and the deep joy of homecoming. And as we settle in to the equanimity of this inner state, we discover to our delight that it is reflected in our outer world as well.

Listen to your heart, it knows all things.

Paulo Coello

(1) The Concise Oxford Dictionary

(2) Excerpt from ‘The four aspects of the self’, by Eirik Balavoine. GIC conference, Austria 1996.

IBTA eNews Issue n°7, July 2010

Judee Gee