Conscious Breathing Apr. 18 - 19

L'Isle Sur La Sorgue - France

Alchemy of Joy Feb. 8 - 9

L'isle Sur La Sorgue - France

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The joy of coming home

My approach to self-enquiry is orchestrated in the tantric spirit of attention to the here-and-now moment, with a dynamic mix of structure and spontaneity.


“Judee’s approach opened my mind to many ways of using the breath consciously. I experienced huge shifts and healings throughout the sessions we did together and I'm looking forward to using these powerful techniques with my clients. Judee facilitated it all with so much grace, beauty and compassion.”

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Each session is uniquely tailored to the needs of the moment

Transform troublesome thoughts and feelings so they align with your deepest heart’s desire of coming home to a place of love, light and peace.


The pathway we follow will be informed by your current burning issues as well as your desired outcome.


A typical program may include:


• Conscious breathing
• Intuition development
• Mindfulness training
• Transmission teachings
• Tantric exercises
• Neo-shamanic journeying
• Self-enquiry
• And more…

Judee Gee interviewed for the Breathwork Summit 2020

Judee speaks about "Contacting your true nature - Tantric Breathwork and the joy of surrender" Interview by Jessica Dibb

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Interview with Judee Gee by Jim Morningstar

Jim Morningstar interviews Judee Gee, Breathwork and Tantra teacher, on the topic of partner rejection and how we can heal relationship issues using concepts such as the Divine Lover and Inner Child.

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Abundance is the harvest of our spiritual heritage

Breathwork is a powerful tool for personal transformation and liberation. With presence, conscious breath and awareness, we attend to the quality of our thoughts, releasing limiting beliefs and replacing them with more affirmative notions. Applying the principle of acceptance to ourselves, we discover the capacity to accept our endlessly changing emotional landscape.

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